Back Supply Plenum | External Supply Plenum

Supply air, backsplash panel and clearance to limited combustibles all in one

Ideal for non- or marginally-tempered kitchen supply air.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Heating only make-up air

Since hot air will rise from its low discharge position and the majority of the air is drawn out as replacement air it will not affect capture and containment

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Smart design

Supply air is introduced through the bottom of the plenum below the cooking equipment without affecting cooking temperatures, pilot lights or capture

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Effective air distribution

Effectively introduces make-up air into the kitchen from the rear of the hood using a double layer of perforated panels, allowing for well-distributed, low-velocity airflow at discharge behind and below the cooking battery

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Clearance to limited combustibles

Back supply plenums do double duty and function as a backsplash panel and provide the proper clearance to limited combustibles needed in many installations to meet NFPA 96 standards

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Easy installation

Simple, flexible installation

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Energy efficient

When using non-tempered air, utilizing low air velocities will keep the air near the hood where it serves as replacement air and is quickly exhausted

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Material options

430 or 300 series stainless steel to match hood

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Insulation available

Provides a thermal barrier when used in conditions that may cause condensation