Air Curtain Supply Plenum | External Supply Plenum

Clean air and energy-efficient spot-cooling

Bring kitchen supply air into the space near the hood, ideal for non-tempered or heat-only applications.

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Product Features & Performance

Energy efficient

Air curtain supply plenums introduce the untempered air near the hood to minimize mixing with air in the space


Better capture and containment

Perforated panels evenly distribute air at lower discharge velocities which benefits hood capture and containment


Spot cooling

Can be used as an efficient method for spot-cooling


Flexible mounting

Mounted 14-20 inches above the bottom edge of the hood or flush with a drop ceiling


Increased air volume

External plenums can be placed on multiple sides of the hood to create a curtain of air on all exposed sides and increasing the volume of air brought in at the hood


Material options

430 or 300 series stainless steel to match hood


Choice of sizing

14 or 24 inches wide


Insulation available

Provides a thermal barrier when used in conditions that may cause condensation