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Humidity and cooling control for the ultimate in commercial kitchen comfort

Engineered to condition and efficiently deliver 20 – 100% outside air from 500 – 18,000 CFM, with up to 70 tons of packaged cooling.

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Reduces and maintains humidity levels for increased occupancy comfort

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Energy efficient

Meets or exceeds department of energy minimum efficiency standards

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Easy installation

Factory mounted and wired microprocessor controller with easy set point adjustment and seamless integration to BMS systems

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Demand control ventilation

Adjusts outdoor airflow to match building occupancy, reducing operational costs

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Airflow monitoring

Standalone monitoring system to ensure proper ventilation and meet LEED requirements

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Simple airflow adjustment

Direct-drive backward-inclined plenum fans with factory mounted VFDs provides precise airflow control via modulating fan speed, also eliminating belt losses and maintenance

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Drain Pan

Double-sloped stainless steel drain pan ensures that all condensate properly drains for the unit

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2-inch double-wall construction with R13 foam insulation reduces thermal losses through the unit

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Control system

Preconfigured and field adjustable controls that can be standalone or integrated into a building management system.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reduced life cycle expenses with a limited lifetime warranty

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All our products can be configured to fit your specific needs.

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DOAS Features and Benefits

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