Certainty, confirmed.

Our Aftermarket Certification Program confirms your equipment is installed and operating according to the manufacturer’s requirements, so your kitchen can keep cooking safely and efficiently.

Accurex® works hard to make your job easier. You’ll consult with a qualified technician during the on-site visit, ensuring you receive trusted input and support while your equipment provides optimal performance without a single worry.

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Local service connection

Introduces you to our local factory authorized servicer for on-going maintenance and service of the equipment


Total product examination

On-site review inspects hood and controls installation/operation, exhaust fan functionality and installation, ductwork, make-up air systems and DOAS units to ensure they’re installed properly

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Code compliant

Ensures commercial kitchens comply with all applicable codes and are safe for operation

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Complete documentation

Thorough reporting and documentation of on-site inspection, noting any remaining open items, provides owners total peace of mind

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Optimal performance

Certifies that ventilation equipment is operating per design conditions for improved energy efficiency and indoor air quality

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Equipment inspection

Our nationwide team of factory authorized servicers inspect and test, equipment to ensure it is installed correctly per manufacturer’s recommendations

Aftermarket Certification Program

What to expect when we inspect.

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