Grease Trapper | Pollution Control Unit

An economical solution to remove grease and mitigate odor from exhaust air

Individually monitor each filter stage to take the guesswork out of maintenance.

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Product Features & Benefits
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High performance filtration

Pure carbon trays remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air, reducing the impact of kitchen exhaust to the surroundings

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Easy installation

Inlet transition provided to match ductwork and modular construction on a common mounting rail for ease of installation

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Quality construction

Built to withstand the rigors of UL 8782, Outline of Investigation for Pollution Control Units

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Corrosion protection and durability

Stainless steel construction for long life and durability

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Simple maintenance

Metal mesh pre-filter removes large particles from the incoming airstream to protect high-efficiency filters and minimize maintenance

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Efficient grease removal

MERV 8 high capacity pleated filter and MERV 15 pleated final filter ensures a minimum overall particulate removal efficiency of 95%

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Reduced cooking odors

Activated carbon trays reduce cooking odors to maximize performance and minimize maintenance

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No-guess filter maintenance

Internal pressure switches individually monitor each filter stage and a remote mounted panel indicates when each filter stage needs replacement to take the guess work out of maintaining the equipment

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Code-required fire protection

Ansul fire suppression system to meet UL 300 and NFPA 96 requirements

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Code compliant

Unit is listed to UL 8782 a requirement of 2021 International Mechanical Code, while also furnished with an Accurex UL 762 listed inline or utility set fan with motor and drive mounted outside of the airstream per NFPA96

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Flexible configuration

Options available for indoor or outdoor installations as well as multiple fan configurations

Options & Accessories

Accurex inline fan options are available to fit specific job needs.

Unit can be constructed in multiple sections for field assembly.

Performance & Certification

Up to 12,000 cfm in a single unit


Built in accordance with NFPA 96

UL 8782 listed to Factory Built Grease Duct Standards

NYC Certificate of Approval