XMSX I Modular Heated/Cooled Make-Up Air Unit

Make-up air when gas-fired equipment won’t do

Choose your construction, heating and cooling type. The ultimate flexibility in indoor or outdoor alternative heating and cooling make-up air.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Reliable fan performance

Air performance ratings from Accurex's accredited test chamber ensure accurate data

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Quiet/low vibration

Double-width, double inlet forward-curved wheels for high efficiency and low sound levels, and wheels are balanced to ensure vibration-free operation

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Code compliant

Premium grade control center components provide reliable operation. ETL Listed for electrical and overall unit safety

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Noise control

Fan and motor assembly is mounted on vibration isolators to minimize noise transmission into the building

Durable Construction Icon

Durable construction

Designed for maximum weather resistance, XMSX housings are constructed of heavy-gauge G90 galvanized steel

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Easy maintenance

Large access panels are provided for easy inspection and maintenance of motors, drives, fan wheels, filters and heater controls

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Easy lift

Lifting lugs are standard on all XMSX units

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Precision tooling

Shafts are precision turned, ground and polished steel sized so that the first critical speed is at least 25% over the maximum operating speed

Long Life Icon

Long life

Shafts rotate in permanently-lubricated, heavy-duty ball bearings. Bearings are selected for a minimum average L10 life in excess of 100,000 hours at maximum operation speeds

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Factory wired and tested

All units are tested prior to shipment for proper operation of the gas train, electrical components and airflow

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Heating Options

Electric, hot water, steam

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Cooling Options

Chilled water, direct expansion, evaporative coolers

Options and Accessories

All our products can be configured to fit your specific needs.
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Performance and Certification

Listed to UL 1995 with the exception to electric heat

Model Designation Guide

To specify this unit, be sure to include all components of the model designation code as outlined below.