Modular Packaged Cooling | Models XDGX, XIGX, XMSX

An economical initial-cost option to taking the edge off over-heated kitchen

Cool kitchen make-up air and reduce reliance on expensive air conditioning units.

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Product Features & Benefits


Improves comfort

Providing a more comfortable and productive environment for employees.


Reduces cooling load

Cooling some the kitchen make-up air will reduce the amount of hot air mixing in the space and being cooled by the rest of the HVAC system.


Environmentally friendly

R-410A refrigerant doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion and helps reduce power consumption vs. traditional refrigerants


Safety reset

High pressure manual reset and low pressure automatic reset ensures the refrigeration system will operate in a safe performance range


Longer operation

Liquid line filter-dryer removes water, debris and other contaminants from the refrigerant, extending product lifespan


Easy-read moisture indicator

Sight glass moisture indicator provides a view into the system


Efficient and balanced

Condenser fans are efficient, direct-drive, statically and dynamically balanced


Pre-engineered options

Direct or indirect gas, hot water, or electric heating options, all factory installed in pre-engineered housing


Evaporative cooling option

Available for combination heating and cooling requirements in hot, dry climates


Control even at low-load conditions

Thermal expansion valves provide refrigerant control, head pressure control provides further control at low–load conditions.


Low-cost maintenance

Convenient valve connections simplify maintenance resulting in lower maintenance costs



Quiet-running, hermetic scroll-type compressors


Easy maintenance

Compressors are serviceable without affecting airflow due to being mounted on neoprene isolators to minimize vibration transmission and noise


1,000 to 7,500 cfm

Allows you to size the unit according to need



3-16 nominal cooling ton options allows the needs of the space and climate to determine exact configuration

Options & Accessories

All our products can be configured to fit your specific needs.

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Performance & Certification

ETL Certified per ANSI Z83.4 or ANSI Z83.18

ANSI/UL 1995, CAN / CSA C22.2 No 236.05 (Coils)

AHRI Certified per standard 410-2001 (DX and water coils)

ETL Certified heaters as a component of the unit.