Variable Supply Plenum | External Supply Plenum

Provide cool morning air and switch to air curtain as the day warms up

The ultimate in versatility: Adjust between air curtain and horizontal supply air.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Ability to provide spot and space cooling in tempered climates

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Manual damper is included in the plenum to modulate airflow between the face and air curtain allowing 0 to 50 percent through the air curtain and 50 to 100 percent through the face

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Easy installation

Simple, flexible installation

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Energy efficient

Best suited for tempered climates where outside air can be used to cool the kitchen (although either tempered or non-tempered air can be used depending on climate and comfort goals)

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Increased air volume

External plenums can be placed on multiple sides of the hood to create a curtain of air on all exposed sides and increasing the volume of air brought in at the hood

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Material options

430 or 300 series stainless steel to match hood