XUEFD I Direct Drive Utility Set Fan

Efficient ducted supply, exhaust and return air perfect for non-grease applications

Greenheck Vari-Green® motor-powered fan available for variable speed applications.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Long-lasting finish

All structural steel parts are phosphate treated and coated with Accurex's Permatector™ for a long-lasting finish; galvanized construction remains unfinished

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Quality construction

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel

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Added strength

Housing supports are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with formed flanges for additional strength

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Easy installation

Pre-punched mounting holes in the base rails simplify install

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Corrosion resistant

Corrosion-resistant fasteners are used to secure the unit base and blower scroll assembly

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Heavy-duty ball bearing motors are carefully matched to the fan load

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Product: Adjustable ALT - Flexible configurations

Open drip proof, totally enclosed and explosion-proof enclosures are available

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Precise wheel balancing

Backward-inclined wheels are constructed of heavy-gauge, single-thickness blades and are securely riveted or welded to a heavy-gauge backplate and wheel cone; each wheel is statically and dynamically balanced to precise tolerances

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Reduced intake loss and sound

The streamlined inlet cone design provides a low-turbulence air intake, which reduces intake losses and sound levels

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Vari-Green motor

Provides CFM and static pressure ranges of a belt drive with benefits of a direct drive; low operating costs, no belts, pulleys or bearings and easy RPM adjustment

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Performance & Certification

UL/cUL US 762

UL/cUL US 705

AMCA Certified 

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