Model GPFV, GPFVP, GPFVR | Roof Curb

With venting that allows hot gases to escape between the ductwork and surrounding chase

For flat, non-insulated roof decks, often used with kitchen grease exhaust applications.

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Discharge height

Designed for use with Accurex's model XRUB, XRUBS or XRUD fan to provide the required 40-inch minimum discharge height above the roof line (per NFPA 96)

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Commercial kitchen compatible

Vented to allow hot air and gas to escape (per NFPA 96) and noncombustible construction for grease exhaust applications

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Code compliant

Meets 40 inch minimum discharge height (per NFPA 96) when used with Accurex's model XRUB, XRUBS or XRUD fans

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Easy mounting

2 or 5-inch flashing flange

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