Melink Intelli-Hood System | Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

Optic and heat sensor monitoring for better airflow management

Reduce operating costs with automatic turndown, even for cooking batteries with low heat and a lot of steam and/or smoke.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Improved sensing capability

In addition to the temperature sensor in the duct collar, optic sensors watch for steam and/or smoke; when as little as seven percent of the optics infrared beam is blocked, the exhaust fans are sent to full speed to capture the effluent

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Professional service

Melink includes a factory start-up with the purchase of their system. A site visit from a Melink technician ensures the system is installed and programmed correctly. The technician also provides basic training to operators present during the start-up

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Controls large systems

The system is designed to easily handle larger systems and can be easily programmed and monitored from its keypad control

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Increased savings

Generates more electrical, heating and cooling savings by reducing airflow up to 50% or more during idle cooking periods

Operational Savings
These charts illustrate how the variable volume system can generate operation cost savings:
Accurex_HoodChartsTransparent2 Accurex_HoodChartsTransparent

Performance & Certifications

UL710, UL2017 Listed

Complies with International Mechanical Code 507.2.1.1 (2015), 507.1.1 (2018)