Accurex Controls | Variable Volume

Energy and cost-saving demand controlled kitchen ventilation

Save on cost and energy usage while experiencing increased productivity from staff members through a more comfortable working environment.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Increased savings

Adjusts fan speeds by up to 50%, lowering airflow when maximum exhaust flow isn't needed, resulting in up to 88% electrical savings

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Five times quicker response

Hood-mounted temperature sensors responds up to five times faster than duct-mounted temperature sensors

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Easy to use touchscreen

Full-color, intuitive user-friendly touchscreen with a clear and bright interface, making it easier to see, read and control

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Troubleshoot with ease

Easy to troubleshoot with turnkey components built in for added efficiency, trouble-free access to diagnostics, and less factory wiring for worry-free maintenance

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Reduced maintenance

Less wear and tear on fan motors, belts and pulleys extends the lifespan of your fans, providing more time to reduce costs and realize return on investment, with typical payback in one to three years

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Noise control

Decreasing fan speeds reduces kitchen ventilation system volume to improve customer and employee comfort

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100% override

Option to program a single-button increase of fan speed to 100% for a preset period of time

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Clean look

Seamless design eliminates unsightly fasteners and buttons that can lead to grease buildup

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Factory tested

Each control is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory, giving you complete confidence in best-in-class product quality

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Plug and play

Tool-free interface mounting and clearly labeled field wiring diagrams saves installation time and money

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Achieves energy savings required by multiple energy and green building standards, including ASHRAE 90.1, ASHRAE 189.1, IECC 2015 and California Title 24

How it Works

These charts illustrate how the variable volume system can generate operation cost savings:

Accurex_HoodChartsTransparent2 Accurex_HoodChartsTransparent
Operational Savings

Accurex saves energy and money with industry-leading turndown capabilities, high-efficiency motors and heat sensors, and the quick response and convenience of our demand-controlled kitchen ventilation.

DCKV Savings
Performance & Certifications

UL Listed to Standard 891

UL Listed 710

UL Certified 60730-1 Standard

UL Certified CSA-E60730-1 Standard

Complies with IMC 507.1.1.1

National Electrical Code (NEC)

Canadian Electrical Code (CEC)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 96)