Digital Temperature Interlock l Automatic Fan Control

Easily and safely override manual controls

The ultimate in safety: In cases where staff fail to turn on exhaust fans, these code-compliant back-up safety controls automatically start the kitchen hood exhaust fans and keep them running while cooking appliances are generating heat.

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Product Features & Benefits
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Easily adjustable

Temperature set point adjusts through an accessible digital display that can be remote mounted

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Use with both Type I and Type II hoods

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Automatic activation

Exhaust fans start when cooking equipment generates heat

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Quick installation

Pre-installed or shipped ready for installation

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Cycling prevention

Prevents fan from cycling on and off during variable cooking periods by use of temperature delay control, which keeps exhaust fans running until temperature drops below and remains below a given set point

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Automatic shutdown

Turns off exhaust fans automatically once the temperature drops and remains below the programmed safety set point

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Maximize efficiency by using one temperature interlock package per hood system (each temperature interlock activates all fans linked to system simultaneously)


Meets International Mechanical Code 507.2.1.1 (2015), 507.1.1 (2018)

UL Listed