May 5, 2021
Case Studies
Hinterland Takes the Title Town District Back to Cooking Roots with Wood-Fire

Located in Green Bay’s Titletown district, across from renowned Lambeau Field, owners Bill and Michelle Tressler opened Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant looking to offer customers the best experience possible when they walked through their doors, dedicating their space to food lovers and beer enthusiasts who are inspired by innovative tastes.

Bill states, “It's been my mission to deliver only the best to those who have graced us with their patronage. We hang our hat on preparing tasty, locally-raised food alongside artisanal beer crafted from our brewery.” It is this passion for excellence, and for life, that has driven their successes over the years.

Ventilation Objective

With its Beer Hall Restaurant and High Gravity Test Kitchen covering two stories of space, Hinterland needed a unique design to accommodate its varying kitchen ventilation needs. The Beer Hall, located on the main level, is open to the public for dining and the test kitchen, on the second level, is used for treating guests to chef-inspired new ingredients, pop-up events and tasting adventures by reservation. From hoods to make-up air to controls, Accurex designed a solution configured to fit all the ventilation requirements.


A variety of hoods were needed to accommodate both levels of operation at Hinterland. On the first floor, Accurex wall canopy hoods , models XXEW (86, 104, 66, 220) were installed and used for frying, grilling and rotisserie applications as well as to accommodate the wood-fire cooking Hinterland is known for. Hoods featured the Grease-X-Tractor™ filter for industry leading grease removal. This filter removes 69% of the grease particles at 8 microns for better grease extraction and is UL 1046 Classified with zero flame penetration. The Beer Hall kitchen on the first floor also included a type II dish hood, model XD1-102 , to capture heat, steam and condensate from non-grease producing appliances. The second-floor test kitchen required two wall canopy hoods to accommodate cooking needs specific to that space as well as a dish hood unit.

Accurex upblast direct drive exhaust fans and belt drive exhaust fans were also required as part Hinterland’s ventilation necessities. The XRUD model is a quiet operating, direct-drive upblast centrifugal exhaust fan that requires no belt replacements and offers a single point drain system for quick, easy cleaning. These fans are equipped with electronically commutated Vari-Green® motors, providing soft start technology, thermal protection, and increased energy savings for Hinterland. Utility set XUEF models were also installed to effectively supply, exhaust and return air safely and efficiently. In addition, two Accurex XDG model direct gas heated make-up air units were installed in order to replace exhausted air with 100% outdoor air in volumes from 800 cfm to 15,000 cfm and provide ultra-efficient heating capacities up to 1600 MBH. Configured for variable volume, this unit is capable of air flow reductions of up to 50%.

Two Accurex Vari-Flow air management systems, one on each level, rounded out the ventilation installation needs. The Vari-Flow control system monitors cooking operations with temperature sensors and quickly adjusts airflow to meet varying ventilation demands, reducing energy consumption and operating costs for Hinterland. The Vari-Flow system can achieve a 50% turndown in airflow and respond five times faster than control systems with duct mounted temperature sensors. Lowering fan speeds during slower periods also results in lower sound levels for staff and guests.

What We Achieved

Accurex brought exceptional service, quality and expertise to Hinterland’s unique ventilation requirements.

Bill emphasized, “Your equipment has to be spot on. It has to be very precise and gives you little room for error in terms of the type of smoke created.” He goes on to say, “You’re not going to take a chance on something that doesn’t work right. You want quality equipment. You want the best.”

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