Sep 18, 2019
Case Studies
Daly's Seeks Reliable Kitchen Ventilation

Daly’s Restaurant opened its doors in October 2017 when owners were looking to expand their entrepreneurial efforts. Located in the heart of downtown Wausau, Daly’s Restaurant took over an existing space, transforming it into a wine bar and restaurant with a full-service kitchen, live entertainment, and outdoor seating. At the time, the owners also operated Basil, a fine dining establishment in Weston WI that brought a fusion of Irish flavors and Thai tastes, both a reflection of their strong upbringings.

Owners Jim and Tee Daly were both born from parents with rich heritages built from a foundation of hard work and an innate motivation for success. It’s from this strong work ethic and the desire to always do better, learning that sacrifice often leads to rewards, that drove the Daly’s every day.

Ventilation Objective

The Daly’s were looking for a partner that listened to their needs and simplified the process from start to finish. Their desire was to implement a ventilation system that fit the demands of their entire space including a hood solution that was a constant in their kitchen, trustworthy and reliable, along with make-up air and a controls platform that connected all components easily and efficiently.


The ventilation system included a wall canopy hood, model XBEW which provided low exhaust rates, excellent performance, and UL 710 listing. The hood featured a zero-clearance top and incandescent lights. An upblast exhaust fan, model XRUB , was also chosen for its durability, efficiency, and low sound levels – perfect for high grease and contaminant applications. To handle high volumes of outside air with efficient heating, an Accurex direct gas heated make-up air unit, model XDG , was installed at Daly’s Restaurant. This make-up air unit uses an ultra- efficient airflow burner that reduces energy costs and retains tight temperature control. To control the entire system of ventilation products from one source, an Accurex constant volume control center, model XFCC , was installed. This system is prewired and UL listed for seamless installation that automatically activates fans when cooking equipment generates heat.

What We Achieved

Accurex brought reliability, confidence and simplicity through their products and expertise to the Daly’s project.

“We had the ideas. They had the expertise, the technology, the engineering. You have to rely on somebody you trust. That is partnership,” said Jim Daly. Tee added, “They made it so easy for us. It was amazing.”

Jim concluded, “The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. The one piece that doesn’t move, or shouldn’t move, is the hood system. This has got to be the constant that you rely on. I want to be confident when I hit that switch things are working great. And they are.

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