Fire Ready Range Hood System - Safety in Seconds

Schofield, Wisconsin (February 2019) – The Accurex Fire Ready Hood system is focused on life safety. Completely redesigned for ease of install, simplified single-point operation, improved efficiency and new electronic fire system detection to protect a residential range in a not-for-profit commercial space. The Fire Ready Hood system provides an integrated fire protection system in a smaller footprint that can replace the need for a commercial Type 1 wall canopy hood in these applications. 

The Fire Ready Range Hood System is simple and worry-free to install as all parts are always included. With accessories being 100% plug and play and no welded grease duct required, installation is faster and more efficient than a Type 1 hood install. Plus, the system is provided with an integrated fan with various discharge configurations while also being compatible with a wide range of Accurex exhaust fans

Featuring numerous design enhancements and an intuitive end user experience, the Fire Ready Range Hood System provides a number of notable improvements:  

- Options are available for NFPA101 compliance which provides a timed lock out device easily accessible on the intuitive user interface
- New electronic fire detection system with electronic remote pull and ease of installation
- ECM exhaust fan motor allows adjustable fan speed for energy efficiency and sound control
- One common control point in the form of a touch screen user interface, to control the fan, lights, appliance lockout, alarms and other settings
- LED lights for a bright cooking surface

The Accurex Fire Ready Hood System is the ideal solution providing safety in seconds for independent senior living facilities, college dorms, cooking classrooms in schools, office breakrooms and more.  
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