DuraVent® Zero Clearance | UL 2221

Superior pre-fabricated grease duct design provides an ideal solution.

An integrated and modular grease duct with insulation and an outer wall that eliminates the need for a separate fire rated chase or two layers of fire rated wrap - all while occupying a smaller footprint. 

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Product Features & Benefits
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Round Design

Round construction for stronger design & easier cleaning

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Installation Simplicity & Savings

Factory built modular pieces that connect with simple tooling eliminating the need for field welding

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Mix and Match Materials

Ability to use both stainless & galvalume in the same duct system to provide more cost effective solutions

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Reduced costs

Lower installation costs, saves time on the job site & can be installed with less expense, more available labor

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Versatile Construction

Choose models of different clearance requirements to optimize costs, installation & construction requirements within a given system

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Reduced Risk

Pre-fabricated construction & installation method minimizes the risk of leaks

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reduced life cycle expenses with a limited lifetime warranty

Options & Accessories

Adjustable Lengths

Square to Round Transitions

Fire Suppression Nozzle Sections

No-Tool Access Door

No-Tool Tee’s and Wye’s


Supports & Anchoring

Custom Parts to your measurements