DuraVent® Single & Double Wall | UL 1978

Install with ease.

With single and double wall options, this factory-built grease duct requires no welding, making it easier to install and maintain while meeting UL Listing codes.

How To Buy
Product Features & Benefits

Round Design

Round construction for stronger design & easier cleaning


Installation Simplicity & Savings

Factory built modular pieces that connect with simple tooling eliminating the need for field welding


Mix and Match Materials

Ability to use both stainless & galvalume in the same duct system to provide more cost effective solutions


Clearance to Combustibles

Double wall with air gap or double wall with insulation provides options for reduced clearances


Reduced costs

Lower installation costs, saves time on the job site & can be installed with less expense, more available labor


Versatile Construction

Choose models of different clearance requirements to optimize costs, installation & construction requirements within a given system


Reduced Risk

Pre-fabricated construction & installation method minimizes the risk of leaks


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Reduced life cycle expenses with a limited lifetime warranty

Options & Accessories

Adjustable Lengths

Square to Round Transitions

Fire Suppression Nozzle Sections

No-Tool Access Door

No-Tool Tee’s and Wye’s


Supports & Anchoring

Custom Parts to your measurements