XTIF | Inline Exhaust Fan

Quiet and reliable belt-driven inline exhaust

An effective alternative for kitchen fan applications where roof or wall mounted ventilators aren’t practical

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Air- and water-tight

Continuously welded housing and integral duct flanges keep unit both air- and water-tight

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Moisture prevention

Gasketed bearing cover, including a labyrinth shaft seal, prevents moisture leakage during normal operation and while cleaning with high-pressure solvents

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Clean bearings and belts

"Continuously welded belt tube keeps the belts and bearings clean Installation flexibility: Two-threaded drain connections are located 90° from the motor location to allow for removal of grease and moisture"

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Easy mounting

Universal mounting brackets allow for rotation of the motor to the 3 or 9 o'clock position at the jobsite

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Code compliant

Duct flanges and access door bolt locations are no more than 4 inches (100 mm) on center per NFPA 96

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Easy access

Door provides access for duct cleaning and allows removal of the wheel, shaft and bearings for maintenance; Gasket is rated for 400°F (204°C), which prevents leakage during operation

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Performance and Certification

UL/ULc 762


AMCA Certified

ENERGY STAR® Qualified