Accurex Energy Recovery Filter System Online Video Now Available

A new video illustrating Accurex’s Energy Recovery Filter System for kitchen hoods can now be viewed on the Accurex website. Accure

x’s Energy Recovery Filter System captures waste heat produced by cooking appliances that would otherwise be exhausted from a kitchen hood and uses it to preheat a portion of the incoming water supply that is directed into the patented energy recovery filters. The water flowing through the filters captures the waste heat from the exhaust airstream, preheating the water supply. Preheating water before it enters a conventional water heater saves energy and reduces a restaurant’s water heating costs. To view the “How It Works” video, visit and click on Products, Grease Hoods, Filtration Options and Energy Recovery Filters.

Accurex specializes in ventilation comfort for restaurants and other food service establishments.

Accurex, a Greenheck company, is headquartered in Schofield, Wisconsin. For more information, visit or call 1-800-333-1400.  Accurex, PO Box 410, Schofield WI 54476-0410.

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