Market at Texas Tech
The Market at Stangel/Murdough Texas Tech University Click to View
Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings Appleton, WI
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Schofield, WI Click to View
Bistro Boys
Bistro Boys Catering Glendale, CO Click to View

Accurex manufactures quality, innovative products for complete energy efficient kitchen ventilation systems. Rely on our nationwide network of kitchen ventilation experts to ensure you get the products you need.


  • Auto Scrubber Self-Cleaning Hood System Complete hood and filter wash system technology Click to View
  • Grease Grabber Dual-stage Filtration System Grease Grabber - The industry's best mechanical filtration! Click to View
  • Vari-Flow Air Management System Saving energy is easy with the Accurex Vari-Flow System Click to View
  • Fire Ready Hood Prevent grease fires from getting out of hand! Click to View
  • Energy Recovery Hood Use your exhaust airstream to pre-heat your incoming cold water supply Click to View

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