Options and Accessories for XMSX

Heating Options Hot water, steam and electric heating options are available with the model XMSX. The heating section consists of the heating coil factory installed in a pre-engineered coil housing.
For proper coil sizing, contact your local representative. All heating options are available with airflow capacities up to 15,000 cfm (25,485 m³/hr):

  • Hot Water and Steam – Hot water and steam coils are available in either a 100% thru-coil airflow or face and bypass arrangement. Coils have copper tubes with permanently expanded aluminum fins and are tested and rated in accordance with ARI 410.
  • Electric Heat – Electric heaters are UL Listed and feature open coil heating elements. Heater control cabinets are installed completely within the heating section, are factory wired up to 220 kW and meet all requirements of the National Electric Code.

Cooling Options:

  • Evaporative Cooling – The evaporative cooling section includes a galvanized steel housing with a louvered intake, 2-inch aluminum mesh filters and a stainless steel evaporative cooling module. The evaporative cooling media is Munters CELdek or GLASdek and has a depth of 12 inches for 90% cooling effectiveness.

    The entire section mounts directly to the front of the XMSX unit, eliminating transition or ductwork by others. Drain and overflow are conveniently tapped through the side of the cooling section. The supply line connection is field located where convenient. Freeze protection and automatic drain and fill options are also available.

    Airflow capacity for evaporative cooling is up to 15,000 cfm (25,485 m³/hr). The evaporative cooling section for the housing size 32 and 35 ships

  • Cooling Coils – Chilled water or direct expansion (DX) cooling is available with the model XMSX. The cooling section includes the cooling coil, sloped stainless steel drain pan and insulated double wall construction. Drain and coil connections are stubbed through the wall for convenience.

    For proper coil sizing, contact your local representative. Four-row and six-row chilled water or DX coils are available with airflow capacities up to 11,000 cfm (18,689 m³/hr).

    Cooling coil sections are installed upstream of the fan section for a draw through arrangement and provide a streamlined transition to adjacent XMSX sections. DX coils require remote condensing units.

Air Filter Gauge – The air filter gauge indicates when filters become dirty. An indicator light may be wall/beam mounted or provided with a remote control panel.

Motorized Dampers – Intake or discharge dampers are available to prevent backdrafts when the fan is not in operation. Intake dampers are factory mounted and wired.

Exhaust Fan Starter(s) – Exhaust fan starters may be added to the control center.

Inlet Air Sensor – An on/off type duct stat automatically de-energizes the gas system and interrupts the flow of gas to the burners when the inlet air temperature is above the desired setting.

115 Volt GFCI Service Receptacle – A 115 volt GFCI outlet is mounted externally in a NEMA-3R box for the convenience of field service personnel. A separate 115 volt power source is required.

Roof Curbs – Factory provided roof curbs are available to ensure compatibility between make-up air unit and roof curb. Standard construction is G90 galvanized steel. See the roof curbs section in this catalog for more information.

2-Speed Motor – A 1⁄3 reduction 2-speed motor is available. Consult the factory for 1⁄2 reduction 2-speed motor availability.

Smoke Detector – Photoelectric smoke detector is available for duct mounting.

Freezestat – An on/off type discharge duct stat (with a timer) prevents the discharge of cold air into the building when the unit is not providing adequate tempering.

Equipment Supports – Factory provided equipment supports may be required in addition to a roof curb, depending on the specified unit configuration. Standard construction is G90 galvanized steel.

Special Coatings – Permatector™ powder coating is available if a painted look is desired. Decorative baked enamel coatings are also available in a variety of colors to match existing building fixtures. Consult your Accurex representative for coating selections.

Fiberglass Insulation – Fiberglass insulation is used to line the housing to prevent the formation of condensation and to form an acoustical barrier.

Weatherhood – A galvanized steel weatherhood with bird screen is available. A DRIFdek mist eliminator is an optional weatherhood accessory.

Duct Adapter – Duct adapter is available with factory supplied curbs and allows an easy method for connecting ductwork to curb.

Double Wall Construction – An interior metal liner is available to isolate insulation from the airstream. One inch thick insulation is included with this option.

Variable Frequency Drive – A variable frequency drive is available to automatically very the fan speed

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