Single Island (V-Bank) Canopy Hoods

Accurex's single island style (V-bank) commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are the perfect solution when used over a single row of cooking equipment in an open space application such as show cooking. Drawing air from both sides of the hood, the V-bank design promotes efficient capture and containment in single island cooking applications. Accurex grease exhaust hoods are UL 710 listed and comply with industry codes and standards. Our highly efficient designs include our PEL (Performance Enhancing Lip) technology and are constructed of stainless steel.

  • Single Island Exhaust Only

    The most economical single island solution providing the largest capture area. This results in lower exhaust rates. Supply air is provided through Accurex’s external supply plenums or by others.


  • Single Island Face Supply Hoods

    When supplying fully conditioned air or trying to keep the exhaust and supply contained into one unit, the face supply option is a great solution. Make-up air is supplied horizontally through the face via perforated panels that evenly distribute the air so that it does not interfere with the cooking operations beneath the hood.


  • Pizza Hood

    Accurex’s unique island pizza hood offering provides an economical and efficient way to exhaust hot contaminated air from pizza ovens. Turning the v-bank to align with the pizza oven openings results in lower exhaust rates and creates a more comfortable working environment while reducing operating costs.


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