Tempered Air Indirect Gas Fired Make-up Air

Accurex indirect gas-fired heaters provide tempered make-up air to restaurants and other food service facilities. Accurex indirect gas-fired heaters use an 80% efficient tubular style heat exchanger for high performance and tight temperature control. Accurex’s heat exchanger design features horizontally firing burners and power venting with post purge cycle, which together provide flexibility, maximum heat exchanger life, and makes stainless steel burners unnecessary, and drip pans obsolete.

  • XIG

    Model XIG is a fully featured indirect gas heating system for use when direct gas-fired units are not appropriate. The XIG has several optional features to provide flexibly including an evaporative cooling option.


  • XIGX

    Model XIGX is designed to offer broad configuration, flexibility, and higher air volume and heating capacities. This full feature unit has a robust control system with an available variable volume feature, providing 50% airflow turndown capability.


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