Utility Set Fans

Accurex's Utility fan is belt driven and features a backward inclined centrifugal wheel. This fan is suitable for ducted exhaust, supply and return-air applications. Accurex's utility fans have many advantages, including: higher operating efficiencies, a non-overloading horsepower curve and higher pressure capability. Fans have been tested in our AMCA Accredited laboratory and all models are licensed to bear the AMCA Air Performance seal (performance as cataloged is assured). Designed to meet restaurant and foodservice applications, these fans are UL and cUL Listed for grease removal and have been tested under elevated temperature conditions

  • Model XUED

    Model XUED is a direct drive fan powered by a Vari-Green motor. Like the XUEF and XUEB fans, the XUED is also available for variable speed applications but without the need to change belts. It has been designed for ducted exhaust, supply, and return air applications. The XUED fan is perfect for use in non-grease applications, such as type 2 hoods used for heat and condensation removal.


  • Model XUEF

    Model XUEF is a belt driven fan. Designed for supply, exhaust, and return air applications. Perfect for use in either clean or grease laden air applications. Tests were conducted to assure safe, rugged, and reliable fans capable of withstanding severe conditions. XUEF fans are UL-762 listed for grease removal or UL-705 listed for clean air. The UL/cUL 762 option includes a weatherhood, threaded drain connection and access door. Indoor mounting requires the fan to have welded scroll construction.


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