Temperature Interlock

The temperature interlock is designed to automatically start the kitchen hood exhaust fans and keep them running while heat is being generated from the cooking appliances. The interlock will override the switch and start the fans once heat is detected in the event an operator fails to turn on the fans manually—ensuring safety and code compliance. These systems are available as a stand-alone control or as an integrated option in our other pre-engineered controls.

  • Digital Temperature Interlock

    Digital temperature interlock includes a micro controller with LED display that can be remote mounted. This option provides easy access and accurate control when making seasonal adjustments to the temperature setting, eliminating the need to access the hood top.


  • Temperature Interlock

    Thermostat control utilizes a sensor with set dial screw on the back to adjust the temperature. This can be advantageous when trying to control several sensors, as they can be connected in parallel back to one small control.


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