Variable Volume

Accurex saves more energy with industry leading turndown capabilities, high efficiency Vari-Green motors and the quick response of the Vari-Flow Controls.

Energy efficient kitchen ventilation systems are essential in reducing the opertating costs associated with foodservice operations today.

A typical kitchen system will be designed for peak exhaust needs and operating at the exhaust airflow rate at all times. The reality is the cooking operation may only demand peak exhaust tes occassional throughout the day.

Variable volume systems are a cost effective way to reduce energy consumption and operating costs by automatically decreasing the airflow based on demand from the cooking operation. Accurex offers two systems to match your operation with typical payback in 1-3 years. State rebates available in many locations.

  • Vari-Flow Air Management System

    The Accurex Vari-Flow Air Management System is our most economical variable volume system while providing top energy savings. This system senses the heat output from the cooking operation to effectively modulate the airflow and offering exceptional turndown and quick response.


  • Melink┬« Intelli-Hood┬« System

    The Melink Intelli-Hood uses both heat sensors and optic sensors to monitor the cooking operation and modulate the airflow. The optic sensors provide additional control, especially in large cooking batteries containing steamers, kettles and other similar appliances that produce a lot of smoke or steam.



Quick Selection Chart

System Decision Matrix Accurex Vari-Flow System Melink Intelli-Hood System
Factory Installed System –
Fully Modulating Turndown Up to 50%
x x
IMC 507.2.1.1 Compliant x x
Full Fan Speed Override x x
Supply Controlled by Space Static Pressure optional  
Supply Controlled Proportionally x x
Professional Start-up by Factory Representative   x
Lower Cost x  
Secondary Optic Sensors for Smoke and Steam   x
Steam Intensive Applications   x
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