Energy Recovery Filter

The Energy Recovery filter is the ideal filter for medium to heavy grease loading applications. The Energy Recovery filter removes 88% of the grease particles at 8 microns, with the simplicity of the design allowing for the same ease of installation and maintenance as a standard baffle filter. The design also gives the filter great strength, and makes it the best fire barrier in the industry. The Energy Recovery filter consists of an integral heat exchanger surrounded by a stainless steel baffle filter. High temperature kitchen exhaust air travels over the copper heat exchanger which will have cold incoming water circulating through them. The temperature differential causes a large amount of grease to condense where it drains into the hood grease trough and grease cup.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Better Grease Extraction - Removes 88% of the grease particles at 8 microns
  • Improved performance - less grease on the roof means lower maintenance expense
  • Small Initial Investment – Superior performance over a standard baffle filter
  • Flame Barrier - UL 1046 Classified
  • Retrofits – manufactured in standard sizes to be easily retrofitted into existing hood systems
  • Easy Maintenance – cleaned in a dishwasher or jet sink
  • Durable – Accurex's quality manufacturing means this filter will stand up to heavy use

How It Works

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Performance & Certifications

  • Tested to ASTM F2519-2005
  •  UL 1046 Listed
  • NSF Certified
  • Energy Recovery Filter US Patent Number 8,728,189
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