Model XDG sets the standard for an efficient approach to 100% outdoor air applications. Airflow volumes range from 800 to 15,000 cfm including ultra-efficient heating capacities up to 1,600,000 BTU/hr.

Accurex's proprietary barometric pressure plate system provides for at least 50% turndown in airflow in variable volume applications. This turndown provides an additional 30% turndown with much greater energy savings over our nearest competitor.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Durable Construction – Designed for maximum weather resistance, XDG housings are constructed of heavy-gauge G90 galvanized steel.
  • Direct Gas-Fired System – Accurex's direct gas-fired make-up air units feature high-quality cast aluminum burners with stainless steel mixing plates, and Maxitrol electronic modulation burner control
  • Control Center – The control center includes as standard, the magnetic motor starter, control transformer, and disconnect switch. All electrical components are UL Listed, Recognized or Classified and factory prewired for single point power connection.
  • Minimize Noise  The entire fan and motor assembly is mounted on vibration isolators to minimize noise.
  • Reliable Fan Performance – Air performance ratings from Accurex's test chamber ensure accurate data.
  • Easy Maintenance – Large access panels are provided for easy inspection and maintenance of motors, drives, fan wheels, filters, and heater controls.
  • Factory Wired and Tested – All units are tested prior to shipment. Units are checked for proper operation of the gas train, electrical components, and airflow.
  • Evaporative cooling Option - Available for combination heating and cooling requirements in hot, dry climates.

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Certification

  • ETL Listed to ANSI Z83.4 and CAN 3.7.

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Model Designation Guide

The Model Designation Guide is designed to completely identify the unit. The correct code letters must be specified to designate the configurations and size.

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