Model XUEF

Accurex's Series XUEF's are designed to meet restaurant and food service applications. These fans are UL/cUL Listed for grease removal and have been tested under elevated temperature conditions.

Accurex's Utility fan is belt driven and features a backward inclined centrifugal wheel and offer higher operating efficiencies, a non-overloading horsepower curve and higher pressure capabilities.

Product Features & Advantages:

  1. Long Lasting Finish – All structural steel parts are phosphate treated and coated with Accurex's Permatector TM for a long lasting finish. Galvanized construction remains unfinished.
  2. Quality Construction– Constructed of heavy-gauge steel. S Series 200 and 300 fans are constructed of steel and coated with Permatector TM.
  3. Added Strength – Housing supports are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with formed flanges for additional strength.
  4. Ease of Installation – Prepunched mounting holes in the base rails provide for ease of installation.
  5. Reinforced Construction – Series 200 are constructed of rugged, welded, and painted steel drive frame members. Series 300 drive frames are constructed of reinforced heavy-gauge galvanized steel. The drive frame supports the shaft and bearings, and provides rigid reinforcement for the housing.
  6. Corrosion Resistant – Corrosion-resistant fasteners are used to secure the unit base and blower scroll assembly.
  7. Efficiency – Heavy-duty ball bearing motors are carefully matched to the fan load. Open drip proof, totally enclosed and explosion-proof enclosures are available.
  8. Easy Adjustments – A pivoting motor plate with adjusting screws allow for a quick and easy belt adjustment.
  9. Factory Settings – Sized for a minimum of 150% of driven horsepower. Machined cast iron pulleys are factory set to the required RPM and adjustable for final system balancing for applications with 10 hp motors or less.
  10. Fan Shaft – Precision turned, ground and polished solid steel shafts, are sized so the first critical speed is at least 25% over the maximum operating speed. Stainless steel shafts are available on Series 200 and 300 XUEB's.
  11. Self-Aligning Bearings – Heavy-duty, self-aligning pillow block ball bearings, are selected for a minimum L(10) life in excess of 100,000 hours [(L(50) average life of 500,000 hours] at maximum cataloged operating conditions.
  12. Precise Wheel Balancing – Backward-inclined wheels are constructed of heavy-gauge, single-thickness blades and are securely riveted or welded to a heavy-gauge backplate and wheel cone. Each wheel is statically and dynamically balanced to precise tolerances.
  13. Reduced Intake Loss and Sound – The streamlined inlet cone design provides a low-turbulence air intake. This reduces intake losses and sound levels.
  14. Seismic Certification – Certified to IBC 2006 and 2009, ASCE 7-05 and California OSHPD certification standards for all seismic design categories. OSHPD OSP# 0113-10, SDS Value 2.28, Maximum certification Size 236

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Certifications

  • UL/cUL US 762
  • UL/cUL US 705
  • AMCA Certified  

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Model Designation Guide

The Model Designation Guide is designed to completely identify the fan. The correct code letters must be specified to designate belt or direct drive, and roof or wall mounted configurations. The remainder of the model number is determined by the size and performance.

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