Models GPS, GPR

This curb is designed for use on flat, non-insulated roof decks.  It consists of a fully welded body and 1-inch of insulation. They are mounted directly to the deck structure with a 11⁄8-inch flashing flange, then roofed and flashed to the top of the wood nailer for weather tightness. Model GPS is available in heights of 8 inches to 18 inches. Raised cant is available on model GPR.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Fully Welded Construction - Curbs are perfectly formed on three sides and have only one welded seam to ensure a strong square curb.
  • Weather Tight - Ridged fiberglass insulation is standard. The insulation is securely attached at both the top and bottom with an insulation tray so it will not have any exposed ends.
  • Convenient Heights - Heights of 8-18-inches for Model GPS

Options and Accessories

  • Damper Trays
  • Insulation
  • Step for Insulation (GPR only)
  • Double Shell Construction
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