Models GPI, GPIP and GPIR

These curbs are designed for roof decks that are covered with 2 to 6 inches of insulation. Models GPI, GPIP and GPIR are standard with fully welded construction, wood nailer, 1-inch insulation and 2-inch flashing flange.Model GPI is for use on flat roofs, GPIP for pitched roofs and GPIR is available for ridged (double pitched) roofs. They are mounted directly to the roof deck before the insulation is applied, then roofed and flashed to the top of the wood nailer for weather tightness.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Fully Welded Construction - Curbs are perfectly formed on three sides and have only one welded seam to ensure a strong square curb.
  • Durable – Wood nailers attached to GPI curbs consist of notched and lapped joints to ensure strength and durability.
  • Weather Tight - Ridged fiberglass insulation is standard on all GPI curbs. The insulation is securely attached at both the top and bottom with an insulation tray so it will not have any exposed ends.
  • Easy Mounting - 2-inch flashing flange
  • Convenient Heights - Heights of 12 to 24 inches

Options and Accessories

  • Damper Trays
  • Insulation
  • Double Shell Construction
  • Single Pitch GPI
  • Ridge Mount GPI
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