Model XRUBS – Belt Drive / Steel

Accurex XRUBS fan provide the industry's best performance and durability for heavy grease applications.  The XRUBS steel grease fan is specifically designed for high heat and severe grease applications.  The heavy gauge, Permatector™ coated steel housing provides strength and durability while making clean up easy.

Product Features & Advantages:

  1. Longer Fan Life - Fan shaft is one inch minimum in diameter, precisely sized, ground and polished, so the first critical speed is at least 25% over the maximum operating speed, which results in longer fan life.
  2. Bearings – Lubricatable cast pillow block and air handling quality extended life. Minimum L(10) life in excess of 100,000 hours [L(50) average life of 500,000 hours].
  3. Lower Sound Levels - True vibration isolation lowers sound levels and reduces vibration, which increases the fans life, since true vibration has no steel-on-steel contact.
  4. Clean Out Port – Allows the outside of the wheel to be cleaned through a 4-inch diameter removable plug in the windband.
  5. Balanced Wheel - Non-stick coated heavyweight steel wheel with a non-stick coating eliminates imbalance in heavy grease applications. The steel wheel is a backward-inclined, non-overloading centrifugal type.
  6. Easy Grease Disposal - Drain trough allows all grease and water is collected at one point for easy disposal.
  7. Simple Installation - curb cap prepunched mounting holes in the steel curb cap to ensure correct attachment to the roof.
  8. Easy Cleaning - Hinged base allows entire fan to tilt away for access to wheel and ductwork for inspection and cleaning.
  9. Leakproof Construction – One-piece fully welded windband to curb cap. Assures no grease will leak onto roof through the fan's seams.
  10. Adjustable system balancing - Drive assembly has dual belts, pulleys and keys are oversized 150% of driven horsepower. Machined cast steel pulleys are adjustable for final system balancing. Belts are static-free and oil-resistant.
  11. Easy Access - Motor cover is easily removable for access to the steel motor compartment and drive assembly.
  12. Chemical Resistant – Unit is constructed of a minimum of 16-gauge steel. Entire unit is powder coated with chemical-resistant Permatector™ finish.
  13. Motor – Carefully matched to the fan load and mounted out of the airstream.
  14. Strong Windband – Uniquely spun from galvanized steel achieves superior strength and consistent material thickness.
  15. Prewired Switching - Motor and NEMA-3R disconnect switch are prewired to specified voltage.
  16. Maximum Motor Life –is achieved through positive motor cooling with fresh outside air being continuously drawn through the large breather tube directly over the motor.
  17. Name Plate – Exact model and serial identification number on a permanent stamped aluminum plate.
  18. Extended Motor Life - Heat Baffle extends motor life by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates through the bottom of the motor support pan.
  19. Easy Lifting - Lifting lugs are located under motor compartment for ease of lifting unit during installation.
  20. Seismic Certification – Certified to IBC 2006 and 2009, ASCE 7-05 and California OSHPD certification standards for all seismic design categories. OSHPD OSP# 0148-10, SDS Value 2.28, Maximum Certification Size 200

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Certifications

  • AMCA Certified
  • UL/cUL 762 Listed

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Model Designation Guide

The Model Designation Guide is designed to completely identify the fan. The correct code letters must be specified to designate belt or direct drive, and roof or wall mounted configurations. The remainder of the model number is determined by the size and performance.

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