Model XCR-A

The Accurex XCR-A is a premium inline fan. With sound levels as low as 0.8 sones and profiles as low as 9 inches (22.8cm) , UL listed for bathtubs and showers, the XCR-A is preferred by specifying engineers.

Product Features & Advantages:

  1. No Backdrafts  The spring loaded aluminum backdraft damper eliminates rattling or unwanted backdrafts
  2. Adjustable Discharge Outlets  – Square outlets are field rotatable from horizontal to vertical discharge
  3. Convenient Design  - power assembly removes quickly for maintenance, or conversion from horizontal to vertical discharge
  4. Fast Installation - External electrical access eliminates removing motor pack, saving installation time
  5. Convenient - Electrical knockouts (horizontal or vertical) eliminates drilling holes
  6. Quiet - Acoustic insulation absorbs sound
  7. Simple Disconnect - for quick and safe servicing
  8. Easy Wiring – Large electrical junction box for easy wiring
  9. Quiet Operation - Attractive designer grille concealed attachment screws securely fasten grille to housing, for quiet and rattle-free operation
  10. Adaptable - Mounting brackets are fully adjustable for multiple installation conditions
  11. Sturdy - Housing is embossed galvanized steel for rigidity
  12. Motor – All motors are compatible for use with speed controls and have thermal overload protection. Domestic and international applications are available.
    • 50 cycle, 220v, and 240v options
    • 60 cycle, 115v, 208v, 220v, 230v, and 277v options
  13. Fast and Easy - Inlet duct collar allows for the ductwork to slide over the duct collar to be fastened for faster and easier installation
  14. Double-Wide Fans – Available for applications requiring 700 cfm or greater. Double-wide fans have two double-width forward-curved wheels, which are housed in separate scrolls and driven by a single motor.

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Certifications

  • UL 705
  • NFPA 96
  • AMCA Certified
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified

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Model Designation Guide

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