Variable Supply Plenum

The variable supply plenum is a versatile plenum combining the best features of both the horizontal and air curtain supply plenums. Kitchen supply air is introduced horizontally through the face and vertically through the front perimeter via perforated panels. The VSP will provide you flexibility when you have cool air in the morning to keep the kitchen comfortable but want to switch to an air curtain as the day warms up. Also, in tempered climates you can provide spot an space cooling as desired.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Versatile - Manual damper is included in the plenum to modulate airflow between the face and air curtain allowing 0 to 50 percent through the air curtain and 50 to 100 percent through the face
  • Easy – Simple, flexible installation
  • Energy Efficient - Best suited for tempered climates where outside air can be used to cool the kitchen (although either tempered or non-tempered air can be used depending on climate and comfort goals)
  • Sizing- The VSP is 12 inches wide by 18 inches high
  • Increased Air Volume - External plenums can be placed on multiple sides of the hood to create a curtain of air, increasing the volume of air brought in at the hood

Options and Accessories

  • Material - 430 or 300 series stainless steel to match hood


Plenum Type Discharge Opening (inches) Recommended Supply Rate (cfm/ft) Recommended Application
Variable Supply (VSP) Face 11.0
Curtain 7.9
Face Up To 160
Curtain Up To 80
Non-Tempered or Marginally Tempered Air;
Air is kept near hood to minimize mixing with air in the space.
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