Horizontal Supply Plenum

Accurex's horizontal supply plenums are typically used in fully tempered kitchen supply air applications since the air will mix with the air in the surrounding space. This helps prevent tempered air from immediately being exhausted back through the hood.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Energy Efficient -Perforated panels are located on the face of the external supply plenum to limit the throw to within several feet of the hood(s) and maintain laminar flow
  • Easy – Simple,  flexible installation
  • Flexible Mounting - The HSP is typically mounted flush with the top of the hood
  • Increased Air Volume - External plenums can be placed on multiple sides of the hood to create a curtain of air, increasing the volume of air brought in at the hood
  • Sizing - The HSP is 12 inches wide by 14 inches high

Options and Accessories

  • Material - 430 or 300 series stainless steel to match hood


Plenum Type Discharge Opening (inches) Recommended Supply Rate (cfm/ft) Recommended Application
Horizontal Supply (HSP) 15.5 Up To 150 Tempered Air;
Provides supply air to Mix with room air.
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