Ansul R-102 Fire Suppression System

The first line of defense against fire in a commercial kitchen is the fire protection system installed in the exhaust hood. Appliance specific fire suppression is a wet chemical system to be used when the equipment placement is known and expect few, if any, changes. Nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazards on each appliance. The chemical agent itself is a nearly neutral PH agent that can be safely cleaned up with water and a sponge.

Interactive Overview

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Convenience - Accurex coordinates all of the fieldwork saving you valuable time. Factory pre-piped systems require less jobsite installation time,
  • No Paperwork - Includes application for permits and performing puff tests
  • Professional - Factory systems look finished and professionally done
  • Wide Resources - Ansul® - the most  recognized name in the industry with worldwide factory trained distribution

Options and Accessories

  • Stainless Tank Enclosures – provide a professional look
  • Flexible agent distribution hose so appliances can be rolled out for cleaning
  • Additional switches (2 SPDT is standard) – for additional  equipment shutdown as required
  • Additional Pull Stations (One is standard) – for large rooms with multiple exits
  • Metal Blow Off Caps -  for high heat applications
  • Horn Strobes - for visual and audible emergency notification
  • K-Class handheld extinguishers – to meet NFPA 96 code requirements


The Restaurant Fire Suppression System is constructed in compliance with the following:

  • UL/ULC Listed per UL 300 fire test specifications
  • New York City Department of Buildings (MEA)
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 96 (Standard for the Installation of Equipment for the Removal of Smoke and Grease-Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment)
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 17A (Standard on Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems)
  • ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
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