Utility Distribution Systems

Custom built utility walls are built for a specific cooking line-up and require hours of coordination to be built in the field. If the equipment line-up changes, the gas, electrical and plumbing connections, need to be moved to accommodate.  A utility distribution system gives you the electrical, gas and plumbing connections you need, while allowing you the flexibility for fast, easy changes.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Flexibility – Gas and water drops are spaced the length of the unit for built in flexibility. Move equipment as needed anytime, anywhere without the headache of repiping.
  • Design Flexibility – Wall or island units available in widths of 12 inches (standard) or 6 inches slim line and riser widths of 24 inches standard and available in 1 inch incremental widths from 12 inches to 48 inches, and manufactured in 1 inch incremental lengths, it can accommodate any line-up.
  • Fast installation – Field joints bolt together with stainless steel pedestal below the chase. Single point of connection for gas, electricity, water and optional utilities simplifies multiple trade coordination.
  • Cost-effective – Appliance changes can be made without expensive modifications that traditional built in utilities require
  • Convenient – Stainless steel exterior is easy to clean
  • Mobility – Unlike a contractor built wall, this is a piece of equipment that goes where you do
  • Safety – All wiring and connections are concealed
  • Professional Appearance – Filler panels finish the area between hoods and utility distribution system

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Certifications

  • UL Listed
  • NSF
  • NFPA 96
  • NEC
  • NEMA
  • Uniform Plumbing Code
  • ASME

Model Designation Guide

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