Type II Heat and Fume Hoods

Accurex's non-filtered heat and fume hoods are used over non-grease producing equipment. They are typically placed over ovens or other small appliances that only produce heat and odor.

Supply air is provided through ceiling diffusers or external supply plenums.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Comfort - Captures heat and vapor from cooking operations creating a more comfortable environment for staff and customers
  • Code Compliant - Bears the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Seal of Approval (Standard 2)
  • Quick Delivery - Short lead times
  • Energy Efficient -  PEL (Performance Enhancing Lip) technology redirects airflow improving capture and performance reducing exhaust and supply airflow.
  • Quality Manufacturing - Superior manufacturing processes provide a consistent quality finish
  • Quality Materials - 430 stainless and 300 series available.

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Sizing Availability for Model



Length (ft)*

Width (in)**









*Hoods lengths are available in 1 inch increments. Max length is the length of a single section.  
Total hood lengths can be greater than 16 feet, but will be manufactured in multiple sections.
**Hood widths are available in 3 inch increments.

Please consult your Accurex representative or CAPS (Computer Aided Product Selection) program for other available dimensional configuration options.


Model Designation Guide

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