Fan Control Center

Accurex Fan control centers (model XFCC) enable you to meet code requirements and control all of your kitchen ventilation system components. Fan control centers include well-labeled connections and a variety of options to reduce installation and coordination time at the jobsite. Minimal field wiring is required for the main power and connection to fans and lighting. This eliminates the often complex field wiring that can lead to mistakes, job delays and failed inspections. Accurex offers clean, safe, and dependable control for the kitchen ventilation system with the XFCC.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Fast Installation - Prewired and UL listed – reduces installation time and expense
  • Single Point Control - Single control to manage power and control all kitchen ventilation components
  • Durable Starters – High quality magnetic motor starters
  • Simple - Color coded wiring with diagram mounted inside door
  • Fire suppression interlock – Maintains exhaust fan operation in the event of a fire
  • Integrated Temperature Interlock Option - Automatically activates the fans, if not manually started whenever cooking operations occur complying with IMC code 507.2.1.1.
  • Automatic Activation - Exhaust fans start when cooking equipment generates heat
Chart 1
When switches are moved to the on position, motor starters close to start fans. Lights and other control options are also wired into the XFCC for single point connections

Options and Accessories

  • Trim Rings - Trim ring for recessed mounting
  • Lights - Up to 2 status lights
  • Fire Relay- Up to 2 extra fire relays
  • Electrical Shutdown – Meets NFPA guidelines for fire shutdown
  • Indicator Lights – Exhaust and Supply fan failure indicator light
  • Switches - Single light/fan switch
  • Damper Switching - Automatic damper switch when damper is being used
  • Status Lights - Up to 120 volt status light


  • UL Listed to Standard 891
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