Temperature Interlock

Accurex's temperature interlock is designed and installed to automatically activate the exhaust fan, if not manually started, whenever cooking operations occur. The activation of the exhaust fan shall occur through a temperature probe that detects an increased temperature and activates the fans. Accurex offers a stand-alone package as well as an option on our fan control center (XFCC).

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Versatile - Use with both Type 1 and Type II hoods
  • Automatic Start-up - Auto initiation of exhaust fans when cooking equipment generates heat
  • Simple - Pre-installed or shipped ready for installation
  • Quick Response - Temperature sensor(s) quickly detect heat from the cooking operation and signal the control to start the fans
  • Adjustable - Thermostat control utilizes a sensor with set dial screw on the back to adjust the temperature. This can be advantageous when trying to control several sensors, as they can be connected in parallel back to one small control
  • Automatically turns off fans when heat is no longer present and prevents fan cycling by means of 1-100 minute time delay relay
Chart 1
Heat from the equipment is sensed by the temperature probe. Control automatically starts fans, if not already started manually


  • Meets IMC code 507.2.1.1
  • UL Listed
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