Digital Temperature Interlock

Accurex's Digital Temperature Interlock is designed to automatically start the kitchen hood exhaust fans and keep them running while heat is being generated from the cooking appliances. The interlock will override the switch and start the fans once heat is detected in the event an operator fails to turn on the fans manually – ensuring safety. It has a digital display that allows for easily adjustable set points.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Easily Adjustable -  Temperature set point adjusts through an accessible digital display
  • Versatile - Use with both Type 1 and Type II hoods
  • Automatic Activation - Exhaust fans start when cooking equipment generates heat
  • Quick Installation - Pre-installed or shipped ready for installation
  • Cycling Prevention - Prevents fan from cycling on and off during variable cooking periods by use of temperature delay control, which keeps exhaust fans running until temperature drops below and remains below a given set point.
  • Automatic Shut Down - Turns off exhaust fans automatically once the temperature has dropped below the safety set point and remains there.
  • Efficient - Maximize efficiency by using one temperature interlock package per hood system (each temperature interlock activates all fans linked to system simultaneously)
Chart 1
Heat from the equipment is sensed by the temperature probe. Control automatically starts fans, if not already started manually

Options and Accessories

  • Switches – Light, Fan, Thermal


  • Meets IMC code 507.2.1.1
  • UL Listed to 891
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