High Velocity Cartridge

The high velocity cartridge is designed for light-duty grease applications. Utilizing centrifugal impingement grease extraction technology, the filter removes more grease than a standard baffle filter. Kitchen exhaust passes through the high velocity stainless steel cartridge. As the air turns, momentum throws the grease out of the airstream as it changes direction, causing the grease to collect on the cartridge. The grease then runs down the cartridge into the grease trough which drains into a removable grease container.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Durable - Stainless Steel Construction for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Efficient - More efficient than a standard baffle filter. Efficient grease removal extends fan life and helps prevent fire.
  • Retrofits – standard sizing means it can be retrofited to existing hood systems
  • Easy Maintenance – cleans like a standard baffle filter

Options and Accessories

  • Filter Removal Tool – Used to enable operators to safely reach and remove filters from the hood while standing on the floor in front of appliances.

Performance & Certifications

  • Tested to ASTM F2519-2005
  • UL 1046 Listed
  • NSF Certified

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