Grease-X-Tractor Filter

The Grease-X-Tractor filter is the ideal filter for medium grease loading applications. The Grease-X-Tractor filter removes 69% of the grease particles at 8 microns, with the simplicity of the design allowing for the same ease of installation and maintenance as a standard baffle filter. The design also gives the filter great strength, and makes it the best fire barrier in the industry. The Grease-X-Tractor filter consists of individual vortex chambers having air inlets at the top and bottom front of the filter. Kitchen exhaust air travels in a corkscrew like path through the filter chambers. Grease collects on the interior walls of the filter, where it drains into the hood grease trough and grease cup.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Better Grease Extraction - Removes 69% of the grease particles at 8 microns
  • Improved performance - less grease on the roof means lower maintenance expense
  • Small Initial Investment – Superior performance over a standard baffle filter with out the expense of other grease removal systems.
  • Flame Barrier - UL 1046 Classified with zero flame penetration
  • Retrofits – manufactured in standard sizes to be easily retrofited into existing hood systems
  • Easy Maintenance – cleaned in a dishwasher or jet sink
  • Durable – Accurex's quality manufacturing means this filter will stand up to heavy use

Options and Accessories

  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • Filter Removal Tool – Used to enable operators to safely reach and remove filters from the hood while standing on the floor in front of appliances.

Performance & Certifications

  • Tested to ASTM F2519-2005
  •  UL 1046 and 710 Listed
  • NSF Certified
  • GX Filter US Patent Number 6,251,153

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