Comfortable, Energy Efficient Kitchen Ventilation Starts with Accurex.

Accurex is a single source for all your kitchen ventilation needs. Our top performing kitchen ventilation products reflect the industries latest advances and let us provide you with a fully integrated system that creates an environment where the wellbeing of your customers and employees is equal to the energy efficiency and performance of your equipment.

  • Grease Hoods (Type I)

    Accurex commercial kitchen hoods utilize thermal updraft concepts to help capture and contain air from cooking processes, and employ our patented grease extraction technology to produce one of the most efficient hoods on the market.

  • Heat & Condensate Hoods (Type II)

    Type II hoods are designed for the removal of heat, odor or condensate over non-grease producing appliances. This helps to create a more comfortable environment for the cooking staff.

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    A pre-engineered fire suppression system is the first line of defense against a restaurant kitchen fire, providing immediate response in a fire emergency.

  • Controls/Energy Management

    Whether you’re looking to simply turn on and off your kitchen ventilation system or save considerable energy with the latest variable volume control technology, Accurex manufactures a variety of kitchen control packages.

  • Utility Distribution System (UDS)

    Factory built utility distribution systems are pre-engineered, flexible and pre-certified alternatives to standard wall and utility construction.

  • Pollution Control Units

    Accurex’s pollution control units provide exceptional secondary filtration removing smoke, grease and odor from your kitchen exhaust system.

  • Exhaust Fans

    Most comprehensive line of restaurant exhaust fans. Quiet, efficient and reliable.

  • Make-Up Air Units

    Air that is exhausted needs to be replaced or made-up to keep your kitchen exhaust system working efficiently, your kitchen comfortable and your staff productive. Several heating and cooling options available as well as non-tempered units.

  • Packaged Roof Top Units

    The pinnacle of kitchen comfort, Accurex offers high percentage outside air units providing all of the heating, cooling and dehumidification you need for the best in kitchen ventilation design. Check out the Accurex modular make-up air units with packaged DX cooling for the most economical, engineered solution to kitchen comfort.

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