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Kitchen ventilation systems are custom engineered packages with sizing and features specific to your application.  Buying a pre-packaged special or a used system will often times cost you significantly more than a system designed for your operation. For example, a steakhouse has very different equipment needs than a sandwich shop. Used or pre-packaged systems may include unnecessary options or not meet code requirements requiring an additional investment in equipment.

You and your restaurant are unique and Accurex will provide you options to assist you in choosing the right products for your restaurant or foodservice facility from the beginning. Accurex is committed to providing you with live, local support that can help you navigate code, safety and comfort requirements while providing you choices

Whether you desire the bare minimum required system components or a high efficiency energy management system, we will help you through the process to ensure your vision is met.

A standard system typically includes at a minimum:

  1. Exhaust Hood
  2. Exhaust Fan
  3. Make-Up Air Unit
  4. Electrical Control Package
  5. Fire Suppression System

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