Auto Scrubber Self-Cleaning Hood System

Complete hood and filter wash system technology

Features and Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces operating costs by decreasing frequency of filter, hood, and duct cleanings.
  • Superior clean-in-place filter technology
  • Premium grease extraction efficiency
  • Increased safety—reduced fire risk, no need to manually remove filters

Auto Scrubber Catalog

  • Versatile Filtration

    Can be used with any of Accurex’s filters

  • Cleaning the Hood and Filters

    Cleans both sides of the filters in place;

    • Set of nozzles on both sides of the filters
    • Eliminates daily removal and manual cleaning of grease filters
    • Prevents unsafe removal of filters as there is no need to climb on top of appliances to do so
    • Reduces number of professional cleanings required for hood and duct system

    Results in a drastic reduction of grease build-up not only on filters but ductwork and fans

    • Decreases the potential for fire
  • Recommended Product Pairings

    The Auto Scrubber hood and controls can be easily integrated with the Kitchen Fan Control Center (XFCC) or Vari-Flow Air Management System using the Auto Scrubber Control Panel.

    Combine with Grease Trapper pollution control for exceptional grease extraction and low maintenance operation.

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