3 Key Criteria for Applying the Fire Ready Range Hood

Designing a not-for-profit cooking space within a commercial location can feel like a grey area, as it brings its own set of specific considerations. However, the one indisputable need, no matter one’s location, is safety. Accurex recognized the need for a simplified solution that meets commercial safety requirements tailored to the most commonly used appliances in these applications (i.e. the residential range). This solution became the new Fire Ready Range Hood. To better understand the ideal application of the Fire Ready Range Hood, let’s explore three key requirements that must be met in order to best leverage its benefits.


  1. Not-For-Profit Food Preparation

    International Mechanical Code section 505 and separates stipulations for domestic cooking equipment that is used for commercial/for-profit purposes from that which is used for domestic or nonprofit cooking. Where commercial cooking on a residential appliance would require a Type I or Type II hood, not-for-profit cooking on a domestic appliance requires a domestic hood. The Fire Ready Range Hood complies solely with nonprofit cooking on a domestic range. This hood matches the footprint and cook load of domestic food preparation while providing the automation, safety features and self-contained fire suppression system necessary for protecting the employees, students or residents operating the appliances within a commercial space.


  2. Commercial Location

    When the cooking location or kitchen is part of a commercial location, business or workplace, a residential hood without proper fire protection doesn’t cut it. This includes churches, college housing, senior living, school cooking classrooms, military housing, office breakrooms, fire stations and more. The Fire Ready Range Hood provides commercial-caliber protection with a self-contained fire suppression system on the ready to release a wet chemical fire suppression agent to extinguish a cooking fire should one occur, eliminating reliance on portable fire extinguishers. The Fire Ready Hood will also automatically shut off the cooking equipment, sound an alarm, and is capable of engaging additional building alarms.


  3. Residential Appliances

The Fire Ready Range Hood was designed to pair specifically and exclusively with domestic ranges. It is available in both 30- and 36-inch widths to fit standard residential-style appliances. Because the individuals operating the range are likely not professionally trained in food preparation and safety, the automatic fire suppression mechanisms provide defense against human error. For additional simplicity and ease of use, this hood also has a single user interface on a bright, full color touchscreen with 4 key buttons. The interface allows the user to control the fans and lights, as well as view alarm and service information.

At Accurex, we understand that every ventilation situation brings its own set of challenges and requires a custom solution. Operating domestic appliances in a commercial setting requires a high level of care and consideration; and the Fire Ready Range Hood provides necessary and unparalleled safety and simplicity. To learn more about the Fire Ready Range Hood, explore the full brochure. For questions regarding this or any other ventilation solution, Contact Us or call 800.331.1400.

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