Mar 29, 2021
Accurex Launches New Controls Platform

Schofield, Wisconsin (October 2020) – Accurex, a leader in engineering simplicity into kitchen ventilation systems, is launching an enhanced controls solution to bring ease and efficiency in operating and overseeing your entire commercial kitchen ventilation system – from exhaust fans and make-up air to all the components of a constant volume or a demand controlled kitchen ventilation system.

Improved engineering and aesthetics combine the intuitive and vibrant, full-color touch screen technology that’s easy to use and understand with a simplified tool-free interface mounting and no visible screws or buttons which can attract additional grease buildup and require extra labor to keep clean. The sophisticated control unit uses the latest in printed circuit board technology, engineered for convenient installation and efficient diagnostic purposes. In addition, field wiring diagrams and clear labeling decals are mounted inside the panel next to the wiring connection points to help streamline installation and start-up.

Trust Accurex to deliver the same quality and clarity our products are known for, plus continued innovation to help your operation succeed. Our complete control unit allows for easy and efficient user interaction across the entire kitchen ventilation system with trouble-free access to more information about your system. Plus, each control is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory, giving you complete reassurance and peace of mind once installed.

“Our improved controls are designed to make life easier for our customers, which is especially important in the current industry climate,” says Brian Rivet, Director, Brand Strategy at Accurex. “We know restaurants are focused on ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for staff and customers, and our new controls allow them to control all parts of the kitchen ventilation system from one place with intuitive functionality.”

To learn more about Accurex Controls, check out the resources below:

Controls-Brochure-CoverAccurex Controls Features and Benefits Cover

At Accurex, we believe there is a better way to help simplify the most challenging kitchen ventilation system environments, from engineering to aftermarket support. As a Greenheck Group Company, we have more than 70 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in air movement and control products and offer a breadth of configurable products and services tailored to meet your needs.