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Warranty Statement for Ceiling and Cabinet Exhaust Fans, XCR and XIR Warranty Ceiling and Cabinet Fans Model XCR-A Model XCR-B Model XCR-C Model XIR-A Model XIR-B
Warranty Statement for Fan and Ventilation Products except XCR, XIR Warranty Exhaust Fans - Roof Upblast and Sidewall Exhaust Fan - Inline Grease and Non-Grease Utility Set Fans Roof Exhaust Model XRUB – Belt Drive Model XRUD – Direct Drive Model XSEB – Belt Drive Model XSED – Direct Drive Model XRUBS – Belt Drive / Steel Model XTIF Model XIB Model XID Model XUEF Model XREB Model XRED Model XQEI Model XUED
Warranty Statement for Kitchen Ventilation Systems Warranty Wall Canopy Hoods Proximity Backshelf Hoods Single Island (V-Bank) Canopy Hoods Heat & Condensate Hoods External Supply Plenums Utility Distribution Systems Triple Play Power Play Variable Volume Temperature Interlock Fan Control Centers Grease Trapper Grease Trapper ESP Wall Canopy Exhaust Only Wall Canopy Face Supply Hoods Wall Canopy Face and Air Curtain Supply Hoods Water Wash Hoods Proximity (Backshelf) Hoods Proximity (Backshelf) Flue Bypass Hoods Single Island Exhaust Only Single Island Face Supply Hoods Pizza Hood Type II Heat and Fume Hoods Type II Condensate Hoods Air Curtain Supply Plenums Horizontal Supply Plenum Variable Supply Plenum Utility Distribution Systems Grease Grabber™ Power Play Grease Grabber™ Triple Play Vari-Flow Air Management System Melink® Intelli-Hood® System Digital Temperature Interlock Temperature Interlock Fan Control Center Energy Recovery Hood Grease Trapper Grease Trapper ESP
Warranty Statement for TAP products Warranty Tempered Air Direct Gas Fired Make-up Air Tempered Air Indirect Gas Fired Make-up Air Tempered Modular/Non-Gas Make-up Air Untempered Make-up Air Units Packaged Cooling Systems
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